Travel to Tenerife

Want to travel to Tenerife, Spain? Then here’s how to:

By plane

 Because it is an island, the usual way to get in Tenerife is by plane. The island has two main airports Tenerife North Airport and Tenerife South Airport.

The north airport is situated 11 kilometers away from the island’s capital, Santa Cruz. Its website will give you information on the various airlines and destinations that the airport caters to. It also provides arrival and departure schedule among others.

Tenerife’s south airport on the other hand is one of the world’s busiest airports being among the globe’s major tourist destinations. In its website you will also get information on the airlines and destinations it accommodates aside from details on how to get there by car as well as bus routes and timetables.

From the airport, there are several buses that run going to most towns in the island, thus, it will not be that hard to reach to a specific town in Tenerife once you just set your foot on the airport. Bus services start from 5-6AM until around midnight.

By boat

Tenerife is also accessible by ferries. It has two main seaports: the port in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the port in Los Cristianos. The first which is considered Atlantic ferry services’ major seaport is also a known port of call for various cruise ships, particularly those transferring to and from Gran Canaria. The latter, the port in Los Cristianos, is now a major passenger ferry boat of the Canary Islands. If you intend to check out the western islands, this is where you should go.

Although it is far from being a cosmopolitan city, there is still no reason not to reach Tenerife!