If you want to do away with all the worries getting around Tenerife while maximizing your short time in the city, then sign up for Tenerife tours. While there are a lot of companies to offer your their services, there are several considerations to make. Among them are as follows:

Number of Tourist Catered Per Tour. One of the things you should ask your prospective Tenerife tours service provider is the maximum number they accommodate per tour. The average number for a minibus should be not more than 12. Although being on a large group would give you the opportunity to meet new people, this may not help you enjoy the island at its most – and a proven inconvenience to the tour guide. The lesser you are in a tour, the more you can pay attention to the sights and top attractions rather than to the noise and crowd in your vehicle.

Tour Guides. Ask about the provider’s tour guides. Firstly, Spanish is understood by the majority in the city, but for tourists it would be great to have a tour guide that speaks in English, especially because Tenerife is a Spanish-speaking territory. Second, you may want to inquire about the experience of the guides in Tenerife. Remember that much of the secret to a memorable tour is with the tour guides, so it would be wise to do your research. Some of the tour providers in Tenerife are:

Tenerife Sunshine

Tenerife Sunshine Travel Centre, Avenida Amsterdam, Los Cristianos

+34 922 751867 ext 1

Apesol SL

Avda. Hermanos Fernandez Perdigon, 6 38400 Puerto De La Cruz S.C.Tenerife S.C.Tenerife

+34 922 38 48 08

Explotaciones Turisticas Girasol S.L.

Doctor Ingram, 8 38400 Puerto De La Cruz S.C.Tenerife S.C.Tenerife

+34 922 38 43 00

Iberoservice S.A.

Avda Antonio Dominguez S/N Edif Central Center 38660 Playa De Las Américas S.C.Tenerife S.C.Tenerife

+34 922 75 74 01<

Packages. Tenerife tour packages mostly refer to the length of the tour as well as the number of places to see in the area. There are half day packages as well as full ones. At times, it can extend until the next day, especially if the group (of tourists) would insist to see more of the place. Carefully pick your packages by asking yourself how long is your stay in Tenerife and what are the places you’d want to see in the place.

Itineraries. For those who are no first-timers in Tenerife, checking out what is included in the itinerary would be important. Find out what Tenetrife attractions are included in your tour to give you a chance to see a sight in the island that you have not yet visited.

Tenerife tours will save you from a lot of hassles and stress. As travelling is stressful in itself, surely, you’d want to make the burden lighter for you.