Traveling Tenerife is relatively safe to tourists as its government is stable and there are no major national dangers, such as terrorist threats that visitors should be wary about.  Violent or non-violent crimes in the island is rare and almost non-existence. Thus, safety in Tenerife is not something that visitors would excessively be concerned about. However, one could not be too careless when visiting a foreign place. It would therefore be wise to still be cautious as you explore Tenerife’s interesting spots.

Firstly, be careful of what you wear while you explore. Major crimes may not be common in Tenerife but petty crimes like theft is, so avoid wearing expensive jewelry and other valuables as you take a walk in the beaches and in some of the island’s busy streets. In the same reason, try not to walk alone, especially in dark areas. As much as possible, stay in a place where there are people at sight.

Aside from theft, another thing that one should pay attention to in Tenerife is its roads. Be aware that the Canarians are driving on the road’s right hand side. On top of that, the island’s road system is really different from other major cities in the UK. When crossing the roads, be aware of what is going on around you and be familiar of the traffic flow. Pedestrian crossings may be painted but drivers are not obliged to stop at them.

If you need some help, these are the numbers that you should remember:

  • 922 21 25 11 for police-tourist interaction
  • 092 for local police
  • 091 for national police