Long Weekend in Tenerife

With tourism as one of its biggest assets, Tenerife is surely more than just the biggest land mass in the Canary Islands. Great beaches, a wonderful collection of forests and wildlife, and the magnificent view of the volcano Mount Teide will make your long weekend in Tenerife a memorable one to say the least. Here is how you can spend a long weekend in the island:

Day 1

Start your day in the island getting to know its very rich history. Visit the historical towns of Adeje, Candelaria and Garachico. Adeje is located at the south part of the island. Its sense of heritage is manifested in its historical buildings and Canarian culture. Candelaria on the other hand, is famous for historical artifacts and architecture. It is home to the Black Madonna and the Basilica. Garachico is a modest fishing port known for its cobbled streets and grand town houses.

Day 2

On the second day of your long weekend in Tenerife, do not miss to visit its lovely beaches. After all, it is what most tourists come here for. Among the famous beaches in Tenerife are the Las Galletas, Playa del Americas, El Medano, Lost Gigantes and Los Cristianos. Of course these are just a few of the beaches in the island. Once there, you will realize you will even have a hard time picking where to take a dip with the many breathtaking beaches to choose.

Day 3

The third day of your long weekend in Tenerife should not be too strenuous anymore. On this day, try to chill and relax by trying out a number of delicacies and cuisines served in many restaurants. Do not miss to visit the shops in Tenerife for souvenirs.

A long weekend in Tenerife may still be considered short considering the many places to see in the island. However, spent wisely, this time would do get acquainted with its natural offerings.