Short Stay

The uniqueness of Tenerife’s natural attractions and fine weather make it one of the top destinations of tourists throughout the world. Whether your time is limited or has the luxury to enjoy the city on a longer period, it is important that you properly and carefully plan your activities in the island.

If you only have the weekend to be in Tenerife for instance, getting a little bit of everything in the island would help you make the most of your stay. Do an itinerary that will give you a glimpse of the Spanish territory’s beauty without taking so much time. Spend less staying in one area and spend more time doing sightseeing.

If you are lucky enough to get a long weekend, then prepare for more activities from sun up to sun down. Do not miss any of Tenerife’s prided attractions at day time and never go home without trying the island’s nightlife at least once.

Know where to be in Tenerife during the holidays. With its unique geography, tourists can easily customise their vacation. If you want a more pumped up exploration – with lots of visits in the beaches and party at night, then head to the island’s southern coast. But if you want a more quiet and close-to-nature trip, then Tenerife’s northern coast is for you.

There are various ways to do your Tenerife itineraries. By fixing the length of your stay in the island, you’d know how to fit your activities.