Being part of the seven islands that comprise Canary Islands, Tenerife showcases an exceptional weather that guarantees tourists a pleasant destination on holidays in Tenerife and all throughout the year. With a subtropical location, the island is among a few places in the world with a temperate zone.

With this favorable weather of Tenerife, visitors can fully enjoy the city’s beautiful top attractions and make use of its facilities such as golf courses, conference centers, marinas, and theme parks all year round. The magnificent island features a wide range of leisure activities to satisfy everybody’s taste. Add to this, the Canarian Current and the Trade Winds which give Tenerife a refreshing cool atmosphere, makes it a paradise to many tourists.

Compared to other city destinations, the weather and climate conditions in the island do not drastically change which makes it the reason for its tag as “The Island of Eternal Spring”. Its winters are exceptionally mild, while its summers are warm but not overpowering nor terrible. If you plan to visit Tenerife on a summer, you can go pack your bags with light and comfortable clothes. From October through March on the other hand, a jacket would be enough to meet the cool breeze at night.

Having a pleasant weather, it is no wonder why Tenerife is one of the most visited island in Spain.