When to Visit Tenerife ?

Because the whole Canary Islands is often called as the “islands of eternal spring”, tourists can expect that as part of the island groups, Tenerife can be perfectly visited anytime of the year. Despite being a certified year round destination though, deciding when to visit the island would still have to depend on how visitors would like their vacation in the island to be.

  Tenerife weather being mild and smooth, tourists can be assured that the temperature in the island would not go too cold on winter nor too hot on summer. Starting December up to the month of February, Tenerife is at its ‘high season’. Thus, if you want to enjoy the noise of the crowd, this should be the time to be in Tenerife. If you prefer enjoying the cool breezes of the sea by yourself, or with little distraction from other beachgoers in beaches, then pack your between the months of May and October.

For those who are conscious with their budget, starting November up to mid December, March to May, airfares are at their lowest – except on Easter. Those who want to catch the festivals would not have to worry when to set their visit in the island as celebrations and merry-making happen almost every month in the island.

Whenever you feel like visiting Tenerife, there is always something to look forward to and enjoy in the island.