All of the seven islands that make up Canary Islands have already been inhabited even before the European sailors set their foot in the island group. These inhabitants were referred to as guanches which means “man” in the natives’ tongue.

Arriving during the 1st or the 2nd BC, the guanches are believed to be from Africa. They are connected to the Cro-Magnon period as they were tall with white skin, blue eyes, and blond hair. Given the climate of the Canary Islands, particularly in Tenerife, it is just logical for the guanches to be cave dwellers. Keeping them warm during winter and cool on summer, the caves served as an ideal place to be at that time.

Today, the dwellers of Canary Islands have been known for being easygoing and friendly people. The Tinerfeños, as the people of Tenerife are called, have lived up to this image as proof of the many tourists coming in island every year aside from the top attractions.



The King (mencey) of Taoro, Bencomo led the Guanche forces in conquering the Spaniards invading their place. He died in 1495 during the battle in La Laguna.


This Guanche princess is also a legendary character of Antonio de Viana’s La Conquista de Tenerife.

Jose de Anchieta

He studied in Coimbra, Portugal along with the Jesuits. He joined the Order in 1551 and left for Brazil in 1553 where he opened San Pablo College. He was among the most famous authors of the colonial Brazil. On June 20, 1980, he was beatified by Pope John Paul II.


Lupe Fuentes

This  4’9″ petite celebrity is popular for modeling in several internet adult websites and has been featured in several adult magazines, including, FHM Spain, Primera Linea, and Siete.

Pino Moreau

Born Jose Manuel Gimenez Moreau, Pino has established himself as one of Spain’s most famous voice over talents. His voice can be heard in Spanish trailers for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Troy, Constatine, Spanglish and Wild Hogs among others.

Jorge Guimerá

The actor has appeared in several films, such as Wrath of the Titans (2012), Parásitos (2011) and Creation (2008).