The favorable Tenerife weather, the beautiful sceneries, the rich culture, and the warm and hospitable people; these are just some reasons why year after year, more and more tourists are attracted to relocate to Tenerife. After you and your family have already settled in the island – got your apartment to live in already, enrolled the kids to their new school, and got a job to get going, how does one avoid the feeling of home sickness when the relocation is done?

Here are some tips to help you:

Learn Spanish

Even before relocating to Tenerife, you should’ve already considered about learning the island’s main language which is Spanish. Not only will this be a big help in making you mingle with the locals with ease, being able to Speak Tenerife’s language is an edge for you to land a better job.

There are various ways to learn the lingo. You can check out the internet for basic Spanish terms and phrases for free or you can get a language course for a more formal and organized learning. Throughout the island, one can find a number of language schools that can provide you with a program that is suited to your needs and requirements.


To easily get used with the way of life and environment in Tenerife, you must socialize as often as you can. You don’t just gain new friends in the island, you also practice and learn your Spanish.

Do Your Research

The secret to a smooth-sailing relocation is enough knowledge with your new place. Find out about its transports – including the fare, short cuts, groceries, electric and water companies, and even the names of those in local government.

Relocating to Tenerife, like in other cities, take a lot of planning, adjustments, and patience. With these three together, you’ll see how quickly you’ll get used to the city and enjoy being an expatriate.