Tenerife, Spain, the largest of the seven Canary Islands, is one of the most famous tourist spots in the world. With at least five million travelers coming to this island every year, there is no wonder tourism is its best asset. Agriculture and fishing also provide great impact in the island’s continuing development. Loads of opportunities and, possibly, big breaks are in store for almost everyone. If you are currently on a job hunt, the island of Tenerife might be a good place to find one.

The island thrives in the tourism industry. Here, you can find a number of different careers and occupations that suits your expertise.

If you happen to be familiar of the various top attractions in the island, you can show tourists the beauty that the place has to offer such as Puerto de la Cruz, the famous Mt. Teide and Tenerife’s cultural sites. Work as a tour guide for the different institutions in the area. You’ll have your hands full because the place never runs out of tourists.

With hotels, resorts and restaurants found in practically every corner of the island, you can select from being a receptionist to the position of manager; and from a waiter to the head chef of the island’s restaurants that give their visitors a 4-star accommodation at the very least.

Tourists in the island do not only find interest in the places that they could visit, a lot of people also want to be entertained. In the parks and other places where hundreds of people gather, you can perform and dazzle crowds with your dance presentations, song numbers and other unique talents that you can show them.

Although it might not be as prolific as tourism, agriculture and fishing continue to be great sources of income. Various jobs are also found in these sectors.

Tenerife is loaded with jobs for you to land on.