Tenerife, Spain does not just offer its tourists with top attractions and fabulous beaches, as part of Canary Islands, several sports can also be practiced in the island. Among them are the following:

Canary Islands Sports

If you want to try a new sport, something that you won’t experience in other places in the world, then try to learn one of the sports in Canary Islands. This includes the Canarian wrestling which can be compared Senegalese wrestling, a Western African wrestling. Taking place in a circle, most of the times on sand, two fighters wrestle each other until one of them falls. Tenerife has about 26 fighters and a number of teams participating in various competitions held in the island.

Palo Canario, a martial art featuring two players with a stick and using them without touching the opponent, is another sport unique to the island. The origin of the sport was a warfare method to ward off invaders.

Also a sport to try in Tenerife is the Bola Canaria. Similar to “boules” which is a French game, the sport is about getting points by bowling bowls to an object as close as possible. Bola Canaria is played in a field of sand with rectangular shape measuring between 3.5 and 6 meters in width and between 18 and 25 m in length.

Water Sports

With an ideal location and favorable weather, Tenerife provides a great venue for water sports. Among these sports are surfing, diving, windsurfing, boating, and kitesurfing. These are best enjoyed in the beaches of Playa de las Americas, Los Realejos, La Orotava, and El Medano. There are about 10 schools in Tenerife that offer courses especially for those who want to learn some of these water sports.

Tenerife is paradise for the athletic ones. If you are visiting the island, try not to only check out its sights but go shed some sweat to enjoy your stay.