Staying fit is important even while you are in a vacation. And when in Tenerife, Spain this is something you should not worry as there are a number of establishments ready to provide various fitness programs to suit your fitness needs and requirements.


There are numerous gymnasiums or gyms scattered all throughout Tenerife. These establishments feature facilities and equipment to help you stay fit and healthy while you are in the island. Many of the best gyms in Tenerife are located in Arona. These include Atrota De Tenerife (922 792 027), Fisiofitness Canarias S.L. (922 794 629), Gimnasio Forma (922 796 597), and Shepherd, K. (922 794 219).

Personal Fitness

If you prefer a more personalised fitness program, then you might consider getting your own trainer. LS FITNESS (606 800 150) and One to One (663 544 787) both located in Tenerife Sur offer personal fitness trainer services.
Saunas and Steamrooms

For a relaxing fitness service, you can opt to go to a sauna or spend some time in a steamroom. Pasidee S.L Sauna Supply & Maintenance (922 729 501) and Pasidee, S.L. (922 729 501) in Arona has sauna and steamroom facilities to cater to your needs.


Giving you not only physical fitness but mental wellness as well, yoga in Tenerife will keep you refreshed and renewed while in the island. Yoga for Everyone (922 374 993) in Puerto de la Cruz is a popular destination for yoga enthusiasts.

There are various ways to stay fit in Tenerife. So after savoring the island’s mouthwatering and delicious food, you may just want to burn those calories to stay sexy and healthy after your vacation.