Tourists who visit Tenerife, Spain should not miss to catch any of its festivals. Not only will these events give you free entertainment, it will also provide you with a glimpse of the islands’ rich culture and colorful history.

Here are some of the island’s main festivals:


The carnival in Tenerife is considered to be one of the biggest events in the island. Happening between February and March, the event offers a lot of must-see activities to tourists and people alike.

Holy Week

Unlike other countries, Holy Week or the Semana Santa is a big deal throughout Spain, mainly because it is a Catholic nation. Not an exemption to this, Tenerife’s celebration of the Holy Week is filled with beautiful processions showcasing religious floats and soulful music.

Fiestas de la Cruz

Taking place in May, Fiestas de la Cruz is probably among the island’s breathtaking festivals. Although it is celebrated throughout Tenerife, the ones in Los Realejos, Puerto de la Cruz, and Santa Cruz are the best with lots of costume parties, music, processions, and fireworks display.

Virgen del Carmen

A traditional festival, the feast for Virgen del Carmen is held every July at Puerto de la Cruz and other towns located along the coast. A celebration for the fishermen’s patron saint, the feast comes with processions, fireworks display, and lots of seafood served for everybody.

Romería de San Roque

Known in English as the Pilgrimage of Saint Roque, the festival is included in Terife’s most popular events. Since the 17th Century, the event is marked with a procession showcasing an image of the saint’s pilgrimage.  The entourage consists of people dressed in traditional clothes, herds of animals, music bands, and decorated carts.

These are just some of the festivals that tourists should not miss when in Tenerife. Taking part or witnessing any of these will give you better understanding and appreciation to the island.