Tenerife carnival is among those things that tourists should never miss when in the island. Happening between February and March, the event is filled with fun and exciting activities that would captivate and leave you in awe. Every town and village in Tenerife, Spain has their own version of the carnival. However, the ones in Santa Cruz – the island’s capital – and Puerto de la Cruz have the most spectacular celebrations.

A crowd getter, festivities in Santa Cruz is considered by many to be the “Tenerife Carnival”. Every year, a committee is assigned by the city council to spearhead the event and come up with a detailed list of activities which mainly takes place in the town’s main street, Plaza de Espana. During this event, the street is adorned by colorful decorations and is surrounded with various kiosks and stalls each playing joyful music; giving the area a festive atmosphere.

A parade showcasing the elected Carnival Queen and her Court kicks off the celebration. Following it are a wide range of competitions including ones that feature the island’s different carnival groups, dance schools, and bands. Car enthusiasts will also be interested to check out the parade of antique cars, you can forget about your car rental.

On the other hand, Puerto de la Cruz’s celebrations which include the ritual of burying the sardine – made from clothes and rags – are also worth the visit.

The festivities of Tenerife carnival end on Saturday and Sunday with an activity called “Piñata Chica”. Street parties, exhibitions, and shows make up this event.

With all the merry-making, Tenerife carnival would definitely be one your visit’s highlights.