Parks and Gardens

Known the top attractions, tourists who want to spend a leisure time in some of the city’s parks and gardens will surely not be disappointed. While the island’s southern part is remarkable for its gorgeous beaches, the northern part will give you a picturesque glimpse of the island with its wide range of flora and fauna.

The following are just some of Tenerife’s major parks and gardens:

La Granja Park

Locally known as Parque de la Granja, La Granja Park is located in Santa Cruz. The 16-acre park is second of the capital city’s major parks. Since the 1970’s, the park has already featured a vast array of flowers and plants. Visit the park whenever you want as La Granja Park is open permanently and for free!

García Sanabria Park

García Sanabria Park or the Parque García Sanabria is considered as the island’s version of the Central Park in New York. With 70,000 square meters of flora, the park also highlights an open-air exhibition of sculptures with works from 1974 called the “Sculpture in the Street”. It was opened in the 1920’s and has since then been a famous destination for those simply want to relax, breath fresh air, and spend quality time with their families.

Botanical Gardens

Located in Puerto de la Cruz, the Botanical Gardens is a manifestation of the country’s ambitious conquest and colonization. The increased territorial holdings of Spain have brought various products like plants, herbs, and spices from their colonies to the mainland. With so many tropical and subtropical zones in Spain, the need to find a place for their location – to cultivate plant species from various regions – arose. And so in the Botanical Gardens of Tenerife, one can find plant species that are even rare throughout Spain.

Visit the park from 9:00 in the morning up to 7:00 in the evening.

Teide National Park

Located at the heart of the island, the park has a lot of natural attractions to look forward to. Among the things to see in the park is the volcanic crater that expands up to 16km in width. During summer, tourists and locals alike flock the park to experience its beauty.

The parks and gardens in Tenerife are just little proofs of the island’s natural wonders. Visiting any of these places will bring you closer to nature as well as to the Canarian island. Go experience these beautiful parks and gardens!