Things to do

There are a lot of reasons why tourists would give interest to discover the culture of Tenerife. Being part of Spain and the Canary Islands add more color, spice, and uniqueness to the island’s culture.

Tenerife’s various museums would take you to the island’s rich past. It also showcases a wide range of unique and breathtaking collections that would offer you a lot of learning experience. The many art galleries in the island are manifestation of the Canarians’ creativity, ingenuity, and appreciation for the art. The architecture on the other hand provides tourist a glimpse of the locals’ humble way of life, which includes its religious and leisure-loving nature.

Tenerife, Culture & Unesco

With much enthusiasm on food, Tenerife has a number of establishments that tourists with the same interest would appreciate.  Many of its dining places and restaurants offer sumptuous cuisines and native delicacies.

At night,  nightlife is vigorous enough to keep you entertained and awake all night long. Enjoy a good drink in one of its bars or party with your hearts out in some of its top disco bars and pubs. Shopping will give shopaholics a wide option too. It has many malls and markets to get your souvenirs and stuff.

Aside from its establishments and attractions,  festivals define its culture as well. Check out its carnivals and see for yourself how Tenerife have fun and celebrate. If you are on the athletic side, sports and fitness venues would surely interest you. For your entertainment, there are  theaters, cinemas, and music to cater to your needs. If you want to get a tan, then head on to its gorgeous beaches.

Tenerife’s culture offers you a whole lot of reason to visit and fall in love in the island. Make sure to experience a couple or more of these to mark your visit in this island.