Hospitals in Tenerife

A lot of people who consider living or residing in Tenerife are concerned about the health care system and the Hospitals in Tenerife.

Hospitals in Tenerife are excellent establishments. It is unlikely that all staff will be able to speak sufficient English to communicate with you properly, but some hospitals do provide interpreters. In case of a medical emergency, you can call for an ambulance by calling 061. Distinct white vehicles, with broad blue and orange stripes, they are as good as in any other country, and their quickness of response to a call can vary just as much, too.

Costa Adeje Hospital – Can locate at Urbanizacion San Eugenio, Adeje. It is a small private hospital. It was the first in the southern part of the island to offer private medical assistance, and is a modern center with 100 hospital beds.

Hospital De La Candelaria – Found on the Carretera Del Rosario in Santa Cruz. It is a famous hospital in Tenerife.

Hospiten Bellevue – Located in Calle Alemania, Puerto de la Cruz. Is has the available necessary services for an outstanding health care quality in the diagnosis and therapy of all medical and surgical specialties.

Hospiten Tamaragua – Located at Located in Calle Agustin de Bethencourt, Puerto de la Cruz. The hospital has been recently renovated to enhance the facilities and to give better service to patients attending the hospital. It has all the available services that are necessary for providing its patients an excellent medical care quality.

Hospiten Sur – This large hospital in the center of Las Americas, also known as The Green Hospital. It is as good as any that you’ll find throughout the world and has interpreters standing by so that the doctors can communicate with you. It is one of several hospitals throughout Tenerife.

Hospiten Rambla – Located in Rambla General Franco, Santa Cruz. It is the most modern Hospital of the Hospiten network in Tenerife. It features all the facilities and high technology equipment available these days, as well as leading advantage specialties such as Heart Surgery, Neurosurgery, Cardiology and Surgical Angelology, among others that are a novelty such as Minimum Access Surgery.

Hospital San Juan de Dios – Found on Carretera General Del Norte, Santa Cruz. The Orden Hospitalaria de San Juan de Dios is a religious order that has the aim of promoting research, training and assistance in the field of health. They have this large hospital in Santa Cruz and, although its admin staffs are all “brothers”, the medical staffs are all real consultants, doctors and nurses.