How to spend Christmas Holiday in Tenerife ?

Christmas in Tenerife is a little uncommon. Canarians live Christmas to the fullest, but the weather does not usually get cold enough to have a snow in Mount Teide where the only place where we can find snow in Tenerife. There is a lot of festive fun to be had during Christmas in Tenerife. If you happen to be on a holiday on Tenerife you can avoid the rapid Christmas crowds at home but still enjoy a magical Christmas atmosphere.

Christmas decorations in Tenerife in shops and shopping centers are available in the middle of October. And then, at the end of November or the beginning of December, every little town in the island of Tenerife is decorated for the Christmas holidays.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in Tenerife is the biggest celebration of the year, along with the New Year’s Eve. The main Christmas meal in Tenerife is eaten on Christmas Eve and the whole family get together to celebrate Christmas. Traditionally, the celebrations will last until the early hours. Things get underway in the middle to late evening.

Though restaurants, hotel, bar staff wants to be at home for the occasion so many restaurants will not open or will close early.

After the family meal, as Tenerife is part of a mainly Roman Catholic country, it is customary for families to attend midnight mass. After the service in which the younger members will head off to their favorite clubs which open at around 1am and go on until it is time to put the turkey in the oven or some family’s takes to the street for any event takes place.

Christmas Day

On Christmas day, all the shops and restaurants would be closed; therefore there is no one in the streets. Santa Claus is not a tradition in Tenerife, so there is no exchanging of gifts until the sixth of January, the Three Magic Kings Day.

At this time of year, the weather in Tenerife is rather unexpected. While in the north of the island the weather usually gets cooler, in the south of Tenerife the sunshine would be hot enough to bathe in the sea. But the amazing thing is how you could enjoy on a sunny and cozy holidays on Christmas in Tenerife. The south of the island usually maintains hot and sunny all through the year, while the north is cozier and more family type of Christmas holiday.

The day after Christmas is not a public holiday on Tenerife so shops, bars and restaurants will all operate their normal hours.