Canary Food Fair at Arona

Having a vacation at Tenerife promises a delightful stay through its wonderful spots and extremely adorable carnivals, beaches and parks. The wonderful thing is that, Tenerife is not only capable in satisfying its visitors’ eyes, but also their stomachs as well.

Located at the southern part of Tenerife, we can find the municipality of Arona to where the ninth Canary Food Fair is held. In this event, 50 suppliers were able to display their produce at the Esplanade peir courtyard (next to the Casa del Mar in Los Cristianos) which is open for all the tourists and residents of the place.

This event is intended to gather the food producers from the Canaries which enable them to showcase the different tastes that the Islands offer. Giving yourself a chance to visit this Food Fair will surely make you fall in love with the taste of Canary. You will definitely crave for more and would surely make you want to share the delightful experience with your family and love ones.

For two days, one could enjoy tasting varieties of local delicacies such as cheese, wines and sweets among others. If you have then attained this feeling of “once-tasted-always-wanted,” you can always purchase the food products of your choice. If you are a tourist of the place, then you would surely never miss a chance to buy these products to bring to your home.

Aside from entertaining your taste buds during the fair, you will also love to experience seeing the local bands show off their talents. For this year, four local folk groups will spice up the food fair. If you like to witness the Municipal School of Folklore in Arona, folk group Verodal, I’Gara and the friends of Punta Scratch, you should be able to visit the fair where their performance will be starting at noon on both days.

If you desire for a full-packed experience during your stay in Tenerife, then you should give an hour or two to stroll at the Canary Food Fair. The taste of food is indeed at its finest especially if it is for free.  The best way to a man’s heart can be through his stomach but it could also be the best way to a tourist’s heart.