Animal Parks in Tenerife

You can find almost any animal on the island of Tenerife. Due to the year round warm weather, and the climate in Tenerife, it is a natural option for animal parks. Tenerife offers a choice of animal parks.

Loro Parque – It is located in the north of the island, in Puerto de la Cruz. It is the oldest and most identified park on the island. Loro Parque is a world famous adventure and is the best loved animal park in the Canary Islands. Loro Parque is the largest park in Tenerife, consisting of 13 hectares of perfectly recreated jungles and animal habitats; you will easily find that the park has the best and biggest of everything – the largest collection of parrots, the biggest Dolphinarium, and one of the most modern aquariums. You will see as you stroll around the park that the animals usually are not so much caged as living in small versions of their natural habitat.

Camel Park – Located just off the coast of Morocco and the Western Sahara desert, the southern part of Tenerife has a hot and dry desert climate. Camel Park’s main attraction is to enjoy a ride in everyone’s favorite humpbacked creature by seeing the farm animals; goats, donkeys, ducks, hens, chicks, grey parrots or dogs and enjoy an operative drink at the typical Canarian house of the place.

Jungle park/Parque Las Aguilas – It is located near Los Cristianos in Tenerife South. A tropical paradise in the south of Tenerife is a botanical and zoological park with over 75,000 m² of jungle and more than 500 animals, exciting paths with tunnels, suspension bridges, cascading waterfalls, tranquil lagoons, and caves, as well as free shows featuring exotic birds and birds of prey. Don’t miss the flight of the eagles overhead, that sometimes so high in the sky that you lose sight of them.

Monkey Zoo Park – The amusement park is located in Arona, a 5 minute drive from Los Cristianos and Las Americas in the South of the Island of Tenerife. The center carries on its conservation role for monkeys, but has also expanded to include other types of animals such as apes, crocodiles, iguanas, big cats, exotic and tropical birds, turtles, jaguars and more. Kids will probably love this zoo because they are able to feed some of the animals that can be bought at the entrance to the park.